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Chris Thatchers guarantees to offer a range of services from the construction of Thatch Roof Houses, Thatch Roof Lapas, Lodges & Entertainment Areas, and harvey tile installations.


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Our Services

Chris Thatchers services generally include the following

New thatch roofing construction

We construct new thatched roofs according to architectural designs. All our work is guaranteed with quality workmanship.

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Thatch repair and maintenance

We do proper maintenance and repair of your old thatching. This includes rethatching or overthatching depending on the specific needs of the project.

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Fire protection

If your lapa / thatch is within 4,5m from the boundary or within 9m from any other building on the same site, you are required by law to Fire Protect as well as obtain a Rational Design (Fire Design) issued by a competent person. In addition, any other thatch building that is enclosed also needs fire protection

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Get Satisfied with the services we provide A to Z in thatching

This list covers the services related to thatching that we can provide to you our valued customer but this is by no means exhaustive.

  • Thatching of lodges
  • Comping
  • Lapa areas
  • Re-thatching
  • Over-thatching
  • Fire protection and retardation
  • Guarantees for our quality workmanship

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